VRosty - A Snowmans Journey Into The Anthropocene

Press Kit

VRosty is a Single-Player Puzzle-Platformer with VR-only Puppet-Controls.

Release: January 11th, 2024
Platforms: SteamVR, Quest 2 (AppLab)
Developer: Thomas Panhorst

Screenshots and Graphics

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puppet on a string controls

A VR-only puppet-puzzle-platformer

Unlike most platformers, you don’t control VRosty with the thumb stick, but with the movement of your own hand in space. The snowman stays under your hand when you hold down the A button – like a puppet. You move through the level as a VR puppeteer using the thumb stick and Smooth Locomotion, pulling VRosty along with you.

You are in this together

Part of the game’s mechanics is that you not only have to move VRosty, but also yourself through the levels. He jumps, you run. However, VRosty obeys gravity and can’t jump too high. So you need some skill to guide him safely over the platforms. This results in many challenges – and puzzles.

2nd Person?

VRosty is a chilled dude. But he is not defenseless. You can make him throw snowballs with the trigger button and aim by tilting your hand. Together with the controls it’s a strange mixture of 1st person shooter and 3rd person platformer. What do you call that?


Keep cool! VRosty has to collect snowflakes to survive his journey. There are >100 hidden in the >30 stages.

A Snowman´s Journey Into The Anthropocene

„One day VRosty, the little snowman, wakes up from a long dream, because it is too hot. He needs your help to find the reason for the warming. Guide him on his long journey and keep him cool!“

SPOILER: VRosty’s journey is a journey through time. It leads him through the history of mankind’s development to our modern world. This story is told without many words, just through the changing environment. Will VRosty reach the end of the Anthropocene?

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