VRosty - A VR Puppet Puzzle Platformer

A Snowman’s Journey Into The Anthropocene

One day VRosty, the little snowman, wakes up from a long dream, because it is too hot. He needs your help to find the reason for the warming. Guide him on his long journey and keep him cool in this VR platformer game!
VR platformer with puppet on a string controls

A VR-only puppet-puzzle-platformer

Pull-along VRosty, the little snowman, through a warming world in this VR-only puppet-puzzle-platformer. His life is hanging by a thread.

  • Puppet-on-a-string controls
  • VRosty hangs like a puppet under your hand
  • Move yourself with the joystick and hold the A-button so that VRosty follows you
  • Jump by quickly moving the controller upwards
  • Throw snowballs with the Trigger button and aim by tilting your hand
  • Solve puzzles based on physics and the unique controls
  • Pull-along VRosty through >30 stages
  • Collect >100 snowflakes
  • Keep cool
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